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Abundance Farms is an exotic poultry and mammal breeder in Central Texas. They have poultry breeds such as Ohikis, Malays, Sussex, and Yokohamas. They also breed Angora goats, Jacob sheep, and peafowl. Marissa Carabin is also a fine art photographer and prints sold help to fund the farm and expand breeding programs.

I’m Mrs. Handsome Homesteader. Mr. Handsome Homesteader and I left the military and our suburban life on the East coast last summer to move to the family farm in the midwest.

The farmhousewife of Hope Farms invites you to experience "comfort food for your feet," with hand-made, unique, one-of-a-kind crocheted rag rugs made from up-cycled sheets and other materials. Custom order welcome! Stop by anytime!

We're the Homesteaders and small family farmers of Lally Broch Farm. It is not easy. Anyone with any experience farming large or small, can attest to that. But, it is the very best way we have found to live and provide for our family. We offer for sale homemade goat's milk soaps from the milk of our beloved and slightly spoiled herd of dairy goats; perfect for cold chapped or farm chaffed hands and bodies. And, because we live on a farm, but don't necessarily want our home to smell like one, we also hand-pour the most deliciously scented soy tart melts to make our home  (and now, yours) smell refreshing. We waste nothing and recycle cotton into farm chick chic necklaces and scarves. We even recycle our hens' eggshells to create fantastic, unique mosaic eggshell jewelry. Come on over to see what we have to offer. We're sure you will love our line of products. ♥

Peaceful Acres Farm Store

Aroma Therapy, Spritzers, Creams and Salves, along with wool products and original watercolor images.

The Whimsical Feather sells custom holiday ornaments and other products.  Custom items available.

We sell homegrown wool and handmade yarn, hand crocheted and knitted items, handmade jewelry with a rural theme, and more!

Thank you for shopping Etsy and supporting small business and handmade/vintage products.

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