Thursday, July 11, 2013

Re-purpose a Pallet into an American Flag

One hour craft turns a used pallet into an American Flag decoration. 

It was about a year ago this September when I was introduced to Katie from Maple Grove Place.
Katie shared a post about her American Flag/picket fence project that had me longing for old barn wood and some milk paint. 

There just didn't seem to be time to work on my project,  so I was left remembering the beautiful picket fence flag on Katie's wall, but not making one for myself. Until, one day, some new tires were delivered to our house and they were delivered on A PALLET!!  Not just any pallet but a beautiful, well made but, worn pallet.  I immediately remembered the picket fence flag from Maple Grove, and my creative wheels were turning.   I put the pallet in the corner of the garden and told my family I was saving it for a project. 

May turned to June and June turned to July and I still had not painted my pallet flag. 

July 4th arrived and we had plans.  But before the celebrating began, I actually stole and hour and painted my pallet flag.  The proportions are not as perfect as the picket fence, but it is an interpretation of our flag.  If I had a chance to make another one, there are a few changes I would make but all things considered, I am happy with this one.

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