Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why We Need Real Money for Modern Times

 Okay, so no pictures of  cute furry animals,  but I think this post can help you be more prepared when taking care of your farm or home.

I've been talking a lot with people about readiness and preparedness.  One thing I have taken notice of, is that many people do not carry any cash with them.  The debit card is King.  I find this to be very troubling and it has almost  become my latest soapbox issue.  Read more about why I think you should carry some cash, even if you use a debit card. 


  1. I would love to read this post but I cannot pull anything else up after "read more about..." Deborah

    1. Deborah, I fixed the link. Sorry for the error. I hope you can stop back and read it now.

  2. I have been using a debit card for a few years after resisting for many. It is so easy! But I think you are right, amazing how easy it is to change how you do things and lose control of your money.. thanks!


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