Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meal Worm Farming! Raising Live Feed for our Chickens.

We started with 1,000 Large Meal Worms
This three drawer bin gives us a drawer for each stage
of development.
1.) worms 2.) beetles 3.) eggs (as you can see, no eggs yet!)
Sections with beetles and worms gets potato
slices, carrots, etc. for moisture once a week.

For the bedding I am using is a mixture of oatmeal and wheat germ.

This process is so slow, but I think once they start laying eggs it should move faster. 
I keep the container in my garage so that it never got cold during the winter. They need the warmth to grow. 
The chickens go absolutely nuts when they see the container of meal worms coming toward them! The absolutely love it, and they are very high in protein!



  1. Oh yuks I feel I am seeing a view of that tv program where they eat worms and beetles alive.

    Sorry your a brave farmer lady.

  2. Yuck, I wouldn't eat them, but my chickies sure do love them!

  3. I'm also raising mealworms for both our 7 hens and the local bluebird population. Easily done and as squeemish as I was in the beginning about handling live worms and the beetles, keeping my eye on the prize of cheaper, cleaner, fresher protein snacks for the ladies and helping bluebirds raise their young has helped me power through. Super giveaway too!


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