Thursday, March 21, 2013

What's Stopping You?

There are few guarantees in life. Stability, certainty, and financial soundness aren't any of them. What is a rock solid theory, though, is that life is a high percentage what you make it. I don't think I fully comprehended the "attitude is everything" cliche until I was well into my thirties. And some lessons are still hard to fully learn. Some, still, are not learned yet.

Aspire to make a difference...not just a living.
Explore, with me, what that means.

What do we want? And then, when we have figured that out, we need to ask ourselves one. more. question. What is stopping us?

Come on over to Hope Farms to read the rest of my essay.  I'll meet you there.

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  1. I want to bring Joy with me, wherever I go. I want to endure whatever obstacles come my way with a content heart. Knowing that God has mu back. I try to live this everyday. It truly is amazing how ones attitude can change the effect of a situation. I want to dance like there's no tomorrow. Everyday!!😊


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