Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY Jell-O Play-Dough

My kids adore play-dough, and although most of it ends up ground into the fibers of my area rugs, I still continue to buy it. Today I took the insanity a step further and by made our very own homemade play-dough.  I found a lot of recipes online and after I had settled on my favorite, I starting reading the (mixed) reviews.  Comments that the dough was too sticky and others that said the dough ended up covered in mold after a few days (although apparently refrigeration will keep the dough mold-free for two weeks) were enough to turn me away.  I began to question if the reason for the sticky and moldy results could possibly be due to the high content of sugar in the Jell-O mix. So, I decided to carry on with my play-dough journey using sugar free Jell-O and crossing my fingers that I don't open a jar full of sticky moldy play-dough.  I have not confirmed this theory by the way, but will update when I have. Click HERE for the recipe and directions! 

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