Friday, March 8, 2013

Cheddar Beer Lime Crock Pot Chicken

I recently had a conversation with my best friend where she told me how busy she was and could not seem to get anything done.  Her house was suffering, she was exhausted, and most nights she just could not manage getting dinner on the table.   Sound familiar?  I asked her if she ever used her Crockpot, her response.... no....I said "No!? Girl....the crockpot is your FRIEND!! Use it!  And to make life even easier, prep your meal the night before (because seriously who has time to be prepping food during the morning kitchen rush hour).  Put everything in the crockpot, put it in the fridge and in the morning, pop it in turn it on and dinner is served!  This is one of my favorite lifesaving crockpot recipes click here for the directions.  

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