Monday, February 25, 2013

Tea and Scones at the Library

The library in our village is right on the town square. It’s a beautiful old, brick building, and has housed the dreams of young readers for over one hundred years.  In the early days of the last century, when my dad was a boy, the top floor of the library was used for town and village gatherings—wedding receptions, funeral dinners, dances, guest speakers and traveling road shows.

Our small town has changed from those day, now, once a year the Library Directors host an afternoon tea--to encourage the community to visit the wonderful old building and to help with upstairs renovation expenses.  There's a program, some readings, plenty of tea and scrumptious delights--including my blueberry scones.

Come over to GREEN CIRCLE GROVE for my easy scone recipe (and learn a bit more about the library, too).


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