Monday, February 25, 2013

My Little Pony...

My little pony....

Saturday we went over to Millennium Quarter Horses so Katzya could take her riding lesson.  When we got there, Tammy (the owner) showed me a little pony she had for sale.  I tell you it was the cutest damn thing I had ever seen!  I was talking to the pony while he was in his stall, and asked Tammy if I could get him out and take him for a walk.  I am not big on riding horses because I am just old enough to be a little afraid of them, and they sense it.  I do love to brush them, feed them, and clean stalls though.  I just find it comforting to be around horses, I don't have to ride them to enjoy them.  With that being said, I do sort of like to ride.

Well, as I was talking to the pony, Tammy says: "You should ride him!  He is real fun!"  I sort of looked at Tammy like she had two heads, and had to explain to her that I weight 220 pounds!  (Normally, I would never admit this, however I felt I had to come clean this time because this little pony's life depended on it!)  In my head, all I could picture was me on this little pony's back, and him laying splay legged on the ground, collapsed from my body weight.  Certainly, she could not be serious about me riding this pony?!  

Oh, Tammy was serious all right!  She got the little pony out, saddled him up for me and I wasn't afraid to ride him one bit!  He was so short (and I trust Tammy would never put me on a horse that would kill me...), that my fears were no more.  I figured if this little pony threw me off then I wouldn't have very far to fall!  I was surprised by how fast he was, and it was a blast.  

Below is me and Cheez-It the pony posing for our victory photo.  Neither me or the pony died during the ride, and I am impressed by how strong and sturdy these little guys are.  This little pony acted like it was not big deal to tote me around the arena.  He made it look effortless, and he was fast!  

I tell you if I could own another horse right now, there is no doubt in my mind I would finally buy myself the pony I had always dreamt about having as a child.  I think Cheez-It and I look pretty good together!

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  1. So cute - love his name, and y'all DO look great together!

  2. adorable story. I would have wanted to buy him too!

  3. Love this Emily! I wish I had a pony too!


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