Saturday, February 9, 2013

In the Winter Garden--Jerusalem Artichokes

In the summer the tall yellow flowers bloom, and in the winter, the seed heads from these stalks call in hungry birds. Underground, below the insulating snow, clinging to, twining in and around, or growing at the end of the roots of this plant are tuberous rhizomes.  This is the sunchoke --Helianthus tuberosus—the “Jerusalem artichoke” that is neither an artichoke nor from Jerusalem.

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  1. This is a fantastic, beautifully written, inspiring and informative article, Meredith. I learned so much! Thank you.

  2. When I went to dig those up, I found shriveled tubers and lots of long skinny tubers growing off them. I tasted a couple, they tasted like a raw potato. I just want to make sure they are indeed sun chokes and not something else. I wonder if it is because they are old plants, they have been here since we moved here... help! I don't want to do something stupid. Oops, this is Evie from Evie's Gardens!


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