Monday, February 18, 2013

How To: Cat Proof Grow Station

Well, this project won't get any points for beauty, but it might get point for ingenuity!  Last week I posted a project that showed my readers how to make an affordable grow light station, and let me tell you it worked like a charm.  I had zinnias germination in 12 hours and tomatoes in 72 hours.  It was amazing!  The only difficult was the cats kept getting into my seedlings.  I added some foil sides to that grow station and the cats stayed out of it for the most part.  

My seedlings quickly outgrew that growing station, and I really wanted to start some different plants so I decided to move my seedlings somewhere else.  The problem was that my cats are everywhere and I needed a place to keep them safe.  It then dawned on me that you could basically make a grow station in a very large dog crate with a few moderations.  

We pulled our dog crate out of the basement and set it up in the dining room.

Then we hung our lights on chains from the inside.  (I am going to hang 1 or 2 more fixtures, but my bulb wasn't working so I need to return it tonight...)    

I then added the magic cat proof barrier to the outside of the crate.  9Magic cat proof barrier is also known as aluminium foil.)  I put this on with the shiny side facing inward toward the crate so that the light hitting the foil will reflect back in on the plants.  (My cats, which are pretty bold, HATE aluminium foil!)  

Finished product!  Happy seedlings!

If this is going to be your only grow station then I would recommend having the foil come off the sides of the light fixture, making a tent so that you can keep some of the moisture in for the seedlings in the beginning, otherwise I think my contraption is going to work like a charm until I can more these plants outdoors.  Then I will be squirrel proofing them, which is a whole different ballgame!   


  1. Oh wow! You earn points for thinking outside the box, this is a wonderful idea! My cats ate all my brandywine tomato seedlings last year while we were away, so I've been searching for a way to stop them this year and all I'd come up with so far was using a wall of baby gates to block off the area. But I'm sure they'd find a way through, cats always do! Thanks for this idea!

  2. What a great idea! so ingenious and inventive. Will have to pin this to use in the future


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