Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Treat a Day Keeps the Bordom Away

 or  How to Get Your Farm Animals to Run Towards You
I love to feed people.  So I guess it should be no big surprise that I also like to feed my farm animals.  And by feed, I don't just mean the obligatory act of filling feed bowls.  No indeed.  I am referring to the sharing moments when my ducks actually run towards me instead of away.  The gleeful noises made by the chickens when they see me walking up with a plate of leftover food from our table.  And the way a tasty treat turns an unruly goat into a pile of mushy goat love.   Yes, my friends, I spoil my animals.  It is actually hard for me to walk out of my house without a treat for the barnyard residents.  I know they will be disappointed if I show up empty handed. Read more >>>>>>>

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